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citizen archivist project

September 7, 2010

SmallBean is a great grassroots company that is using technology to further the needs of Indigenous people, working with them to empower their own agendas. Check out these videos and we can discuss this in class juxtaposed to the first video we watched last week.  If you find any more projects like these post them up!

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  1. allitravis permalink*
    September 8, 2010 9:40 am

    What a cool project. I would be really interested to follow up on the documentaries that the people made and see what they were able to put together.

    I feel like this video plays off of the last video and provides a real-life example of how digital technology is revamping the way we gather, store, and share information. In addition, these types of technology are helping people, such as the Kenyans in the video, connect with their identity and allow them to express who they are to the world. It allows them to indeed write their own history books to pass along to their grandchildren. Now if only we can guarantee that their grandchildren will, in the future, have access to the electricity/technology needed to access what they’ve created . . . . .

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