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Sept 27th Class Discussion Key Points

September 27, 2010

Here are some of the key points we discussed in class:

  • Creative property  versus physical property…the distinction and the consequences
  • “Freedom need not need anarchy”…how we can carry the idea of free culture forward without artists being destroyed
  • Microsoft versus Apple…the Indian iPad…how that is trying to circumvent Apple’s monopoly over their iPad market
  • Groups without access to technology that have been exploited by other, more  powerful groups  (i.e. 3rd world countries) because they don’t the means to protect their ideas.
  • Intellectual property
  • Reworking of the copyright system ..different ideas of how  we could approach copyright law. (Taking the energy market’s approach of capping the profits that can be made off of royalty rights?)
  • The war between piracy and property and because the government is implicit in that, it forces the distinction between what is right and what is wrong.
  • YouTube and what their rules are on uploading copyrighted content onto the web. How come some materials are allowed while others are not (more recent material is more restricted than older copywritten material). Does it make sense that we cannot upload a 30 second clip from  an episode of  Grey’s Anatomy in its original content, but that same clip CAN be uploaded if the audio has been overridden by a random song.
  • “Free versus feudal” debate in the context of intellectual property and copyright laws
  • The future of the Internet and its potential for privatization…current legislation being considered by the government
  • Copyright laws and its complexities…can we perhaps make it simpler without taking away from anyone? (Can we get away with only giving royalty rights for using material from a movie to the director, instead of having to compensate all involved, down to the stuntman?)

 Good discussion today guys! 🙂

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